HELP. I’ve never used a blog before.

Don’t worry.  There are millions of blogs out on the interwebs because they are easy for people to make.  Ours is not the flashiest, most universally-interesting blog on the block, but we’re using its features as a way to have a central, dynamic site to share information about this project.

The blog ( is public, and you can already read or comment on anything on it.  We’re also going to invite you all to join the blog so that you can add and edit entries.  This project is going to develop as it goes, and we’d like you to help us keep the project documentation up-to-date.  So.  Check your email, and set up a username and password when you get an email from Sarah or Deb, care of WordPress.  You should get to a page like this:

[No, you do not need to have your eyes checked.

For some reason these screenshots are blurry.  I think you can get the idea, anyway.  – ed.]

You’re welcome to make your own blog… but if you’d rather not, click on “Sign up for just a username” (next to the stars in the fuzzy above image) and you can set a username, password, and email address.  At that point you should be able to get editing rights to our blog.  Let Sarah or Deb know if you have any trouble, and we’ll see what we can do to help.

This is what the “dashboard” looks like, under the hood:

The dashboard is where you go to add or edit blog entries or pages.  The main buttons you’ll be pushing are Posts and Pages.

“Pages” show up as tabs at the top of the blog.  Currently there are 3 pages: Filemaker Fields, Project Bibliography, and Welcome!

“Posts” are where we’ll put most of our information and where we’ll expect you to do most of your writing & editing.  A list of all the blog posts so far is available on the right sidebar of the blog, under the title “quick links.”

To add a new post, click the “Posts” button on the left side of the dashboard:

Then, select “Add New.”:

And you’re ready to go!  Writing a blog post is a lot like writing in a Word document.  You can add text, upload images, insert hyperlinks to other pages, etc.  Just remember to click the “Publish” button in order to put your entry online:


  [Your friend, the “Publish” button]


If you edit a previously-published post, make sure to click the “Update” button:

[Your other friend, the “Update” button]


So, start experimenting!  This blog is not delicate or permanent.  Go ahead and start reading, writing, and editing.


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