Week 1: June 6-10

Because this is the first time Deb has run a project like this, she would like to keep records of weekly progress. Don’t expect pearls of wisdom here or astute observations, just brief notes about what was accomplished each day.

Monday, June 6:

9am-10:30am: Vlad and Saskia received their badges and toured offices, restrooms, microfilm cabinets in the Library; coffee/tea machine, lounge, refrigerator in the Refectory; location of Rare Book Room, Byz Studies office, HR office, payroll office, and conveyor room in Main House; and gates or doors operated by badge-readers.

10:30-12noon: orientation to the Library for new Fellows and interns, followed by a short period of time in which Sarah demonstrated the splicer and Vlad & Saskia had the opportunity to browse the relevant book collections on level 4.

1-2pm: Deb explained access to the Shared drive and showed documents in the Shared drive briefly; Sarah gave instructions for using the blog; Vlad and Saskia explored the blog and tested adding posts and comments.

2-5pm: Vlad and Saskia attended the general interns’ orientation organized by Janne; Michael improved the database; Deb and Sarah worked on training materials and presentations for the new Fellows and the project.

Tuesday, June 7:

9-10am: Sarah explained Zotero, and the team practiced adding items to the group library, etc.

10-12noon: Deb demonstrated using Richard and Pinakes, and the team discussed print catalogs briefly. Deb explained identification of microfilm bases and preservation issues. The whole team practiced reading A-D strips and using the splicer. Deb briefly went over information that would be covered in longer Fellows’ orientation that afternoon.

1-3:30pm: While Deb and Sarah participated in Fellows’ orientation to HOLLIS and online resources, Vlad and Saskia added to the Zotero group library, read online materials, practiced with the training microfilm and databases, and collected materials for the team office.

3:30-4:30pm: The team explored and practiced with most components of the FileMaker database (did not cover Bibliography, Online Resources components only).

ca 4:30-5pm: The team examined one of the training microfilm (BnF Coisl. 288) to practice reading the first few frames and identifying information relevant to the project. Fellow Ida Toth assisted.

Wednesday, June 8:

9-9:30am: introduction to the Tech Services departments and staff

10-10:30am: Vlad and Saskia attended ICFA Open House

other activities in the morning (before noon): Vlad and Saskia continued practicing with the databases, print catalogs, splicer, and scanners by investigating their training microfilm; Saskia found some of the print catalogs (Omont) through GoogleBooks and added links in Zotero; Sarah was out; Deb gave an orientation and assistance to a new Reader 9:45-11:15am.

1-5pm: Vlad and Saskia created complete records for the training microfilm. Vlad discovered http://www.manuscripta-mediaevalia.de/

Thursday, June 9-Friday, June 10

Our team continued to work with microfilm which were selected for training purposes and created records in a training version of the database (the data will be migrated once the final database is in place). Saskia tracked down more information about the Metochion Panagiou Taphou’s manuscripts, some of which were transferred to the Ethnike Vivliotheke in Athens during the early twentieth century, while Vlad proved his good fortune and amazing talents by recognizing secret alphabets on one of his manuscripts (see his blog post: https://manuscriptsonmicrofilm.wordpress.com/2011/06/12/my-first-week-on-the-project/)

Number of microfilm Vlad and Saskia processed during training June 7-14: an impressive 33!!!

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