Week 2: June 13-17

Okay so daily updates might have been a little too ambitious… But we can report that Roderick arrived safely and started work on Monday, June 13.  Part of his first day included an orientation to the library, administrative paperwork, and training whenever Deb was available (which wasn’t much). Fortunately, Vlad and Saskia stepped in to train him themselves. By Tuesday afternoon, Roderick was practicing with microfilm and the database. His first manuscript? A beautifully illuminated commentary on Job.  Some people have all the luck… 🙂

While the team tackled microfilm from Athens and the monasteries of Mt. Athos, Deb, Michael, and Kathy continued to revise the database. On Wednesday, the interns stopped entering data in the original version and started work in the revised 2nd version of the database, which still needed some minor modifications. On Friday, Michael revealed the almost final version of a very elegant database, and the now-experienced interns offered some simple suggestions that would improve their workflow.

The team learned so quickly that, by Friday morning, it had processed most of the microfilm which were prepared already with A-D strips. In order to give more A-D strips the appropriate time (roughly 1 week) with individual film, the team tried their hand at identifying a few of the “mystery” film from the Ševčenko estate. No easy task but they succeeded with every example they tried.  Go, team!

As a special treat, the team visited the Rare Book Reading Room to view our copy of Bernard de Montfaucon’s Palæographia græca, sive De ortu et progressu literatum græcarium, et de variis omnium sæculorum scriptionis græcæ generibus: itemque de abbreviationibus & de notis variarum artium ac disciplinarum (Paris, 1708). We were joined by summer fellows Ida Toth, Nadia Ali, and Ioanna Rapti.

Film processed from lunchtime June 14-lunchtime June 21: 53

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