Our Dream Team

Every summer, Dumbarton Oaks enjoys the company and contributions of our many summer interns.  We have interns in nearly every department, including the Museum, the Gardens, and the Publications department.  Vlad, Saskia and Roderick are interns in the Library, and they’ve been hard at work on the projects described here on the blog.  Their responsibilities have been huge: handling, analyzing, describing, and re-housing hundreds of microfilm reproductions of (primarily-)Greek manuscripts.  They’ve also searched for references to the manuscripts in catalogs, learning that in some cases the 17th or 18th-century catalogs in the Rare Books Collection are more reliable than more recent census material.

Vlad adds one more microfilm to the “done” pile.

Roderick demonstrates cutting edge microfilm-reading technology.

Saskia puts the microfilm splicer through its paces.

These extraordinary Library interns are all graduate students with multiple languages and training in palaeography.  They have also brought good humor and flexibility to a complicated and developing project.  (They could not have anticipated all the iterations of the database they would have to learn…)  And, as anyone who has paged through this blog can see, they have a great eye for fascinating details that they come upon in the course of their project.  The “manuscript finds” they have shared have been a great way to share this project with people outside of the Library and beyond Dumbarton Oaks.

The codex is so over-rated.

They’re with us for a few more weeks—and we’re sure to see them frequently in the future—but this is just to say THANK YOU for all the hard, and very important, work.

One Comment to “Our Dream Team”

  1. Way to go Roderick: real researcher only handle microfilm with their tie *on* 😉

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