Friday tasks

Preparing AD strips (approx. 4pm on Fridays)

  1. Pull the number of microfilm that you normally process during a week from the cabinets on level 1. In order not to break up a “set” from the same holding institution or city, pull all the microfilm that belong to the same institution or city even if that exceeds your average weekly number. Be sure that you pull from all the subcollections:
    1. miscellaneous general collection,
    2. Sevcenko collection,
    3. Dennis collection, and
    4. Westerink collection (use the handout that lists the Westerink microfilm by city).
  2. One by one, remove the microfilm from the box.
  3. Place the microfilm in a plastic bag with an A-D strip (see “Using A-D strips” for proper usage).
  4. Seal the bag, and put the bag on top of the box on the shelves.

We strongly advise that you order the film by shelfmarks for a certain institution in order to help you identify any possible duplicates. You can order them as you prepare them with A-D strips but also check the shelfmark order as you pull film to enter info into the database.

Labeling and reshelving

  1. Shortly before 5pm on Fridays, Deb (or her designee) will enter Monday’s date next to the Print labels button, then click on the Print labels button to generate label sheets, then print the sheets on the label pages (Avery 5630).
  2. During the next week, Sarah M. (or someone appointed for processing) should apply labels and stamp all sides of the box with “Dumbarton Oaks” library stamp.
  3. After processing, a team member will be responsible for returning the processed microfilm to the appropriate cabinet on level 1 according to the new call number order. This might require shifting microfilm in drawers.

Contributing to the blogs

Each Friday, starting about 3pm, one intern should write up a weekly report for the Manuscripts-on-Microfilm blog. Please note how many microfilm the team processed that week, what repository each of the interns worked on, and whatever items of interest s/he might want to include.

This summer, Dumbarton Oaks has also established a blog that represents its intern community. Each intern is asked to contribute one post during the course of their internship (the Director’s office will arrange these on a schedule) and one at the end of their term to reflect on their projects and life at DO.

Our very talented interns are also welcome to contribute ad hoc posts as they feel inspired!

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