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June 1, 2011

Timesheets – summer 2012

Pay period ends on: June 19, July 3, July 20, August 3, August 21.

Timesheets are due to Deb by noon the next workday.


On the form (blank form as “Timesheet” in Microfilm Project folder on Shared drive), fill in:

DEPARTMENT : Research Library

PERIOD REPORTED      From: [Date pay period started]           To:  [Date pay period ends] (timesheets due to Deb day after)

EMPLOYEE NAME : Your first and last names (only 1 employee per timesheet)

Under each date, write the number of hours you worked on that day (not including lunch)

TOTAL REGULAR HOURS: [total for 2-week pay period]**

EMPLOYEE’S INITIALS: fill this in or it may not get processed!

** Your hours in a two-week period cannot exceed 80 because no overtime pay has been approved. Also your total hours for summer should not exceed 700 hours. If you need to “flex” time to make up lost hours (for example, working long hours one day in order to make up for taking an hour off during normal work hours to run an important errand), please talk with Deb first. Her approval of flexed hours must be in writing.

Don’t forget to give your timesheet to Deb on the day after the pay period ends (see dates at top) in order to get your paycheck on time!!!